About Us

Welcome to Sun Risers Construction.

We specialise in various aspects of the building industry including management, supervision and construction.

We are multi-dimensional and we can renovate anything from town-homes to low-rise structures. With our expertise, we can take care of entire projects from the few alterations to complete house flipping till the completion.

We are pro in providing neat and high-quality work, no matter the scope of the project. We guarantee that once the job is completed, you'll have a big smile on your face. For your peace of mind, we are fully insured.

There are couple of packages we do offer to our clients other than renovations:

  • After build service packages and
  • Stand-alone service packages.

With an after-build service package, you no longer have to worry about finishes. We will take care of the painting, flooring, paving, landscaping and all other unfinished work necessary. With us, the merit is not only with the cost but also being your one point contact for all the works. It means you will be ringing only ONE guy to know what's the progress, discuss about selections, features, quality and project duration.

With a stand-alone service package, you'll be provided with the service that you request which will be tailored to suit your needs.

Our Objectives

Meet the Budget

Meeting, or more ideally, beating the budget may require a reallocation of some budget items. A prudent project manager keeps a constant eye on the budget from the very beginning.

Fulfill All Requirements

Be sure that the “punch list” is completed and checked by the project manager before the customer is informed that the project is complete. This simple process will alleviate a significant amount of aggravation for all the parties involved.

Satisfy the Client

The customer is always right so be prepared for unusual comments or unreasonable change requests. Again, a detailed specification list will help you manage the client’s expectations and thus allow you to meet the needs of all the stakeholders.

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